The Window of Tolerance: Expanding Your Ability to Cope with Misophonia Trigger Sounds

If we apply this window of tolerance framework to misophonia we can better understand how to cope with triggers by expanding our window. 


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I’ve always felt most at peace when I’m on the ice.
About Me

Hi, I’m Jen. I developed misophonia around the age of 9-10. My family and I struggled with not knowing what it was, not knowing how to cope, and trying to navigate the world with this weird unknown. I didn’t even know the word “misophonia” until I was halfway through college. Then I kept it a secret because I was embarrassed and ashamed. I made it through university and grad school without telling soul and I suffered for it. So now I’m representing, advocating, and spreading awareness for misophonia so that no one else has to suffer in silence!

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