Misophonia Must Haves

Your essential guide to living with Misophonia. When you live every day with Misophonia, it’s essential to have a system that works for you. Part of my system is headphones (obviously) and of course finding calming sensory experiences. These are some of the products I use every single day to keep myself sane while living Misophonia.

Bose Sound-cancelling Headphones – These are perfect if you live in a noisy house, apartment complex, share walls, etc. I use these at the office and and home.

Skullcandy wired earbuds – These are soundproofing and comfy to wear all day. I use them for long flights since they don’t have to be recharged.

Sleepbuds – I sleep in these every night.

Sleep headband earphones – I use this occasionally to sleep in if my ears are raw from earphones.

Weighted Blanket – This blanket is perfect for those who experience anxiety or heightened stress with their Misophonia. I sleep with a weighted blanket every night and it really helps me stay asleep, even though I’m a light sleeper.

Cozy blanket – Pick a super cozy blanket that feels like a warm hug! Finding positive sensory experiences is important for people with misophonia.

Candles – I have more candles than anyone. This falls into the category of positive sensory experiences. Smells can bring us right back to childhood, to the beach when we are sitting on a couch miles inland. Find your favorite smells and bring them home with you.

Sound-proofing door liner – keep sound from leaking in through your door.

Sound-proofing wall decor – I use these hexagonal acoustic patches to line shared walls. It dampens the sounds and looks chic.

Sound-proofing wall decor World Map – Same as above but in a world map design.

Sound-proofing rug mat – Use this to dampen the sounds of people walking around.

White noise machine – although this one is advertised for children, because of the nightlight, it’s great for all ages. I love that you can switch it on and off with you phone. As well as control the volume and sound type.

White noise machine – I have this one in my room. I use it when I’m watching tv to drown out sounds from the rest of the house and at night to sleep. THe light wakes me up calmly in the morning.

Chic whit noise machine – I keep this one in the main part of my house and keep it on whenever I’m home. It help drown out sounds from the street, neighbors, etc.

Moss wall for sound blocking – This moss wall acts like the acoustic panels from above but they are a more elevated look. I use multiple panels of this moss to decorate entire shared wall sections of my house. It brightens up the room and blocks sounds.

Sound dampening drapes

Another option of sound dampening drapes

Rose water spray – I keep a bottle of this with me in my car, my purse, my office. The smell calms me and helps me breathe through trigger sounds.

Lavender oil – same as above. Pick a smell that works for you!

I keep these spare roller bottles to fill with essential oil smells that calm me. THen bring them with wherever I go.

Rose bloom is a personal favorite calming smell of mine.

Bookshelf – Bookshelves like this, packed full with books and other items act as excellent sound dampeners. I keep several throughout my house.

Kat Von D Liner – Several of you have asked about what eyeliner I use so here are the two that I rotate between.

Stila Eyeliner

Essential Oil Diffuser

Yoga Mat – Exercise has been a big part of keep my miso under control

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